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Leverage Microsoft Lync®

Make your IT department the boon of the company by leveraging Lync® to be able to instantly send critical IM-based messages to people, groups, or an entire organization. Leverage your existing Microsoft Lync® environment and minimiza deployment costs.

Broadcast Messages

Schedule Lync® IM Alerts and send them at a specific time to certain people, groups, or an entire organization. You can even set messages to expire if offline users do not receive them within a certain timeframe.

Email-to-IM Gateway

Bridge your enterprise email and Microsoft Lync® environments with the Email-to-IM Gateway. Send email and dispatch Lync IM messages to individuals, distribution groups, and Lync® group chats.

Quick Deployment

Deploy your Microsoft Lync® IM broadcast functionality quickly and easily. Alert Manager with the Email-to-IM Gateway connects both Microsoft Lync® and Microsoft Exchange. Supports both Microsoft Lync 2010® and Microsoft Lync 2013®.